Avsnitt 12 / Episode 5 – Vivian from the US

Hello, foreign people,

in this episode Vivian from the US joins me for a chat about gaming. We discuss women gamers, Harry Potter and other IPs in gaming, the upcoming next edition of D&D, differences in US and Swedish con culture and many other things.

This is my first interview where the the guest could not join me in the studio. In the recording my voice got scrambled sometimes, good thing Vivian did most of the talking.

Download the episode here

Vivian had answered my call for gamers from across the globe. I’m still looking for guests to join me on the podcast to talk about what gaming is like in their parts of the world.

Jag har någon sorts plan att prata med spelare från hela världen för att få veta hur rollspel ser ut hos dem. Först ut är Vivian från USA, hon har spelat sedan rollspelens barndom; och är fortfarande aktiv i hobbyn och arrangerar spel på konvent. Rent tekniskt är väl det här avsnittet inte det mest lysande, men Vivian hörs bra i alla fall.

Avsnitt 12 – Vivian från USA

2 reaktioner på ”Avsnitt 12 / Episode 5 – Vivian from the US”

  1. Excellent!

    Fun, interesting and thoughtful.

    When it comes to trends in RPGs … well, I usually talk about ”the pendent”. In the horror genre we have for example dracula –> werewolf –> dracula –> werewolf and so on. Those two always replace each other through the time. We got several of those kind of pendents. It’s just about finding them.

  2. How dare you Wilhelm! You haven’t posted this on RPG Crosstalk and I almost missed it. I wouldn’t mind at all to give your a piece of my mind and chew the fat with ya. Throw me an email and we will get in touch with when to meet up and what we will use as a subject.

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